Medical Parts

Since over 50 years experience within the range jewellery, watch- and eyeglas parts of the surface finishing.

Materials such as gold, silver, platinum, brass, copper, tin, zinc can be smoothed, and polished up to the high polish.


Within the medicine range used ever more the treatment with the mass finishing procedures.

The result is because the specially constructed fixtures and processes, an medical immaculate/technically perfect surface.


 Precision parts


Sample processing

Praezison Teile

Already for a long time in the range industry of precision parts strengthens mass finishing techniques begun.

The advantages of these techniques are in the reproductibility of the results, the simple handling of the machines and the treatment of large numbers of items (bulk material).



Use the free service of sample processing, in order to be able to be convinced by a practice test of our products, know-how and quality.



DT-Centrifugal Disc Finisher

Apart from the outstanding processing capa-bilities, our DT-series (Disc Turbo) offers a highly visible and efficient control of the finishing process


SF-Drag Finisher

With drag-finishers, parts are placed on specially constructed fixtures so they can be processed on both the inside as well as the outside of the part by “dragging” the parts through the dry cutting or polishing media.


FT-P. Centrifugal Force Plant

These high speed/high energy machines are ideal for deburring, smoothing, rounding, cutting and polishing parts to a high luster.


MT/VT-Barrel Tumbling Units

DREHER VT Series barrel tumbling units offer cutting, brightening, and burnishing capabilities for all types of precision or non-precision metal surfaces.