Modern technology for the perfect finish.

Today's jewellery and watch industry demands quality, flexibilty, and reduced manufacturing costs. By utilizing our proven processes and equipment, profitability and quality finishes are a guarantee.

We can process your parts fast and efficient, with high quality finishes on both the outside and the inside.


Improved life quality through Dreher precision finishes.

A highly qualified finish with a smooth surface is a fundamental prerequisition for medical components. Implants, such as stents, prosthesis, knee joints, bone
screws or heart valves are deburred in specially developed processes and
machines and polished up to a high gloss.

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Our internal research laboratory develops and refines your working processes, which are especially made for your wishes and needs. All actual machines, medias and compounds are for you available.(showed at the picture).

Please send us your parts with a short description (material, expected result, number of items per week/month, type of machine) and within 10 days you get the first result with description of the process. If the first result does not correspond yet to your conceptions than we make another attempts for you.

For further inquiries we are to them gladly at disposal.

Dreher specialises in high-end, precision part processes and has developed the
optimal machinery, compounds and media for parts with either functional or decorative finishes.

A consistent deburring and smoothing process is a guaranty with Dreher's processing technology




 Medical Parts

Since over 50 years experience within the range jewellery, watch- and eyeglas parts of the surface finishing.

Materials such as gold, silver, platinum, brass, copper, tin, zinc can be smoothed, and polished up to the high polish.


Within the medicine range used ever more the treatment with the mass finishing procedures.

The result is because the specially constructed fixtures and processes, an medical immaculate/technically perfect surface.


 Precision parts


Sample processing

Praezison Teile

Already for a long time in the range industry of precision parts strengthens mass finishing techniques begun.

The advantages of these techniques are in the reproductibility of the results, the simple handling of the machines and the treatment of large numbers of items (bulk material).



Use the free service of sample processing, in order to be able to be convinced by a practice test of our products, know-how and quality.



Series - DT/SF/FT/MT/VT

Medical Parts